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Our nationally recognized and certified truth examiners provide expert consultation and examination services. As part of the examination process, all tests will be subject to a quality control review by an associate at no charge. Each examination will be audio and video recorded, and all examinations are kept confidential. Verity Validated LLC offers professional Lie Detection & Truth Verification exams for a wide range of applications to include some of the following;

Academic & Educational Issues.
Accidents – Stores, Workplace & Auto.
Clear your Name – Criminal / Civil Cases.
Corporate & General Business Issues.
Criminal & Civil Investigation - State & Federal.
Domestic Violence & Stalking.
Drugs (Prescription & Unlawful – Sale, Possession, Addiction)
Employee Theft Cases.
Fraud – Workers Compensation, Insurance, Medical, & Financial.
Immigration, Marriage Fraud, Asylum, & Other Verification(s).
Loss Prevention – Retail, Manufacturing, and Large Dollar Losses.
Polygraph Inconclusive Results – Retesting using the CVSA III System.
Pre-Employment Screenings – Police, Armored Car, Alarm Companies, Banks, others as required by law.
Truth Verification of Victim & Witness Statements – Criminal / Civil Cases.
Will & Estate - Probate Disputes.

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