In a world full of lies, mistruths, and falsehoods we can help light the way to honesty.

Verity Validated LLC uses the newest in computer voice stress truth verification technology to help your company hire trustworthy employees. We also support internal and other sensitive investigations where getting to the truth is paramount. Our nationally recognized certified truth verification staff are here to support you. Contact us for details on how we can help you get to the truth of the matter.

Welcome to Verity Validated LLC


Verity Validated LLC was created to offer a simpler, more portable and advanced truth verification solution for businesses. Verity Validated LLC examiners use a modern scientifically proven computer voice stress analysis (CVSA III) instrument to improve a company's  ability to hire trustworthy employees who may be responsible for overseeing sensitive information, or valuable company equipment.   


CVSA is used for general purpose lie detection.  Truth verification examinations include civil, criminal, internal affairs, pre-employment and other specialized circumstances.  CVSA has been around for over a decade and currently in use by nearly 3000 law enforcement and private agencies across the USA. The technology has been in development and in use by the US military for over 40 years. 

Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) is often considered an emerging technology, which is not true.  This cutting-edge truth verification system has been established as an important investigative tool by law enforcement in the US,  and other countries around the world. From the discovery of how voices change in relation to stress in the 1970’s to today’s studies on the computerized technologies that enhance the system’s capabilities, many in the scientific community have been intrigued by the capabilities of the CVSA and the hidden messages in the human voice. 

Our Services

CVSA Truth Screening
Truth Screening

Most basic CVSA truth screenings will run less than an hour for a standard truth verification interview to nearly two hours in length for pre-employment, or specialized interviews. The CVSA basic truth interviews focus on one or more specific honesty questions that have arisen during a pre-screening interview, or other medium prior to the involvement of the CSVA examiner.


Unlike older technology such as the polygraph machine, CVSA truth verification never has inconclusive results. As a manager, supervisor, lawyer, or CEO, you will know definitively once you receive the CVSA examiner's report about the honesty of your potential employee, current employee, suspect,  or witness.

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.”

— Laozi, ancient philosopher.